Newly renovated, Harmony Guest House had its grand opening in 2016! 


En man (Japanese: 円満, translates roughly to harmony between people) is a newly opened guest house in Osaka, Japan. Our goal is to help guests visiting to gain a full immersive experience of Japan. 

We are the first guest house to be officially certified and license in Higashi-Osaka. Hyotan-yama station is at the center of the Kintetsu Line between Namba and Nara Station. It takes conveniently located only 25 minutes away from Namba Station and only 30 minutes away from Nara Station by Kintetsu Line. 


Aside the convenience of travel, our guest house is surrounded by Japan's cultural specificities, such as sentō (public bath house), izakaya (Japanese gastropub), and Osaka's iconic food stalls. 


We hope you choose us for your next visit to Osaka! 

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579-8054日本国大阪府東大阪市南四条町12-10 |  (+81) 090-3084-2487

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